Saturday, August 11, 2012

Infringing upon success?

In the intellectual property business, enforcement actions occur when an accused product falls within the scope of (i.e., infringes) a patent claim.

In a story Teenager not allowed to sell hot dogs now homeless
about a business of a 13 year old selling hot dogs in a parking lot:

The business was short-lived and the city of Holland [Michigan] shut down the stand 10 minutes after it opened. Zoning officials cited laws that prohibit food carts in the commercial district that are not connected to downtown brick and mortar restaurants.

Mayor Kurt Dykstra turned down the family’s appeal to city council last week, saying that it was to protect downtown restaurant owners who had asked that the “success of the downtown district not be infringed upon by those who don’t share in the costs of maintaining the attractiveness of that space.”

A survey by Kids Count on child well being had noted:

Michigan ranks in the bottom half of states in three of four general domains and on 10 out of 16 indicators.

It is among the 10 worst states when it comes to the percent of children living in high-poverty areas and for children living in families where no parent has a full-time job.


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