Friday, August 10, 2012

TIME columnist Fareed Zakaria snagged for plagiarism

Related to the suspension of the column of Fareed Zakaria for one month, a spokesperson for TIME noted: “Time accepts Fareed’s apology, but what he did violates our own standards for our columnists, which is that their work must not only be factual but original; their views must not only be their own but their words as well.”

This evokes a line in the movie Footnote wherein the professor tells a student that the student's work contains elements that are both factual and original, but that the factual elements are not original, and the original elements are not factual. The movie Footnote is a vicious depiction of the politics of academic prizes, but wimps out at the end with an inconclusive ending.

Returning to Zakaria, who was born in India and graduated from Harvard and Yale, admitted to plagiarizing work by Jill Lepore. As they said in the Harvard Business Review, "plagiarize with pride."

See CNN and Time Suspend Journalist After Admission of Plagiarism


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