Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baltimore Sun out of touch on Harvard plagiarism?

In the context of the Fareed Zakaria plagiarism, David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun noted Zakaria's Harvard Ph.D. and wrote:

In the academy, when you plagiarize, you are cooked. As a Ph.D from Harvard, Zakaria should know the rules of the academic game, which, I am sad to say, are tougher these days than in journalism where the massive changes in technology, lifestyle and economics seem to have obliterated any serious discussion of or adherence to ethical standards in many newsrooms. [from Fareed Zakaria's plagiarism more bad news for a CNN; Stealing others' ideas and words as bad as it gets for a public intellectual ]

Laurence Tribe, of Harvard, plagiarized from a University of Virginia professor, and nothing particularly bad happened that might suggest Laurence Tribe was "cooked." Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was Dean of the Harvard Law School at the time.

See also the Harvard plagiarism archive Recall also the Kaavya Viswanathan matter as to student plagiarism and the Adam Wheeler matter as to student fraud. And of course remember that the Harvard Business Review ran an article which included the text "Plagiarize with Pride."

Moving away from Harvard, one recalls that Glenn Poshard, President of Southern Illinois University [SIU] was found to have plagiarized his Ph.D. thesis. Although he had to re-write it, Poshard was far from "cooked." And, one recalls that Poshard's defense, which was accepted, was that he did NOT know the rules of the game.

As to technology, IPBiz wrote in 2006:

authors such as Viswanathan or Laurence Tribe borrow freely from previously-written works, and there is little if any penalty. In the case of Viswanathan, plagiarism was caught not by sophisticated anti-plagiarism software, frequently advertised on the internet, or by the copyright "police," but rather by customers (ie, book buyers) who noticed the similarities.

And from IPBiz also in 2006, Harvard Business Review article: Plagiarize with Pride

Zurawik is out of touch.


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