Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Edward Jay Epstein clueless on Zakaria matter

Investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein penned a piece for the Daily Beast titled Fareed Zakaria Didn’t Plagiarize! that is remarkable for its cluelessness.

Note that the comments to the piece literally rip Epstein apart. The dumbest thing is that Epstein does not even recognize "who" Zakaria was plagiarizing. Zakaria acts as if the victim is Adam Winkler, but the copied author was Jill Lepore.

Of interest are Epstein's words:

Zakaria’s crime was not plagiarism. He embarrassed his employer, Time, by not sufficiently juggling the words around or employing the thesaurus to camouflage the sorry fact that instead of going to the ultimate source, the book Gunfight, he (or his assistants) used the electronic clip file. By not changing enough words, he provided the “gotcha” bait for the feeding frenzy of bloggers out for his blood.

One presumes the words "electronic clip file" refer to Lepore's article. Even Glenn Poshard didn't try that one.

**Jay Leno did the Zakaria matter on August 14 -->

When asked to comment, Zakaria said it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


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