Sunday, August 12, 2012

"60 Minutes" on August 12, 2012

"60 Minutes" speaks to Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. Ryan: "I said yes."

Second story. An experiment in re-training the unemployed. (Recycled)

Third story. A visit to one of the poorest places on earth, the Congo. But emphasis on their music. (Recycled)

Morley Safer gives a background of Ryan as master of all aspects of federal spending. The interview of Romney/Ryan was by Bob Schieffer in a furniture factory in High Point, North Carolina. The final decision was not until August 1. Romney: I called Paul and said I would like to meet you on Sunday. Romney: "This is a guy who is a real leader." "He has gone to Washington with a passion for making a difference."

Ryan: Tackle this fiscal crisis before it tackles us. People are hungry for solutions. Ryan noted Romney said that we share the same values.

Schieffer: Congressman, this is going to change your whole life.
Ryan: This is a moment in a country that needs leadership.
Schieffer to Romney: Congressman Ryan is known as a teacher. Are there some things he could teach you?
Romney: Ryan is a policy guy. (...) We have 23 million Americans out of work.

Schieffer to Ryan: are you going to be the attack dog?

Schieffer to Ryan: do you think Romney has been too defensive about his role at Bain Capital?

Schieffer to Romney: what will be Ryan's role (if elected)? Romney: shepard legislation. I can't imagine using him. He has an unusual, almost unique, capacity to find a common purpose.

Ryan: fundamental lack of leadership by Obama. In the House, we are planting the seeds for a bipartisan compromise.

Schieffer: Conservatives were delighted, but Democrats were equally delighted. Cuts in Medicare will drive voters the Democrat way.
Romney: Voters will have a choice.
Schieffer: Now, the election will be a referendum on Paul Ryan.

Schieffer to Ryan: If you work hard and play by the rules, you can get ahead. But not everybody believes that. Ryan: Obama is picking winners and losers based on connections. Solyndra. We want to turn the American idea back on. Get political clout out of the system.

Romney: The highest income people will continue to pay. Taxes for middle income people will go down.

Schieffer brings up capital gains.

Schieffer: how many years of tax returns did you release to the campaign.
[Two years of returns will be publicly released]

Ryan: We will focus on turning this country around.

Schieffer asks Romney about Romney's introducing Ryan as the next president.


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