Friday, January 14, 2005

Jazz loses in disposable camera case with Fuji

Fuji v. Jazz is a case about recycling disposable cameras (known as lens fitted film packages, or LFFPs). The issue in the case was whether the recycling was permissible repair or impermissible reconstruction. On appeal questions about Jazz's repair factories in China, exhaustion doctrine, induced infringement, wilfullness, and royalty were presented.

In the exhaustion argument, Jazz relied on Chevron v. Huson, 404 US 97 (1971), for prospective-only application.

The issue of substantial evidence came up, and the case of BJ Servs. v. Halliburton, 156 F3d 1182, was cited.

Jazz, represented by Budd Larner, lost on all legal issues as the judgment of the district court was affirmed.


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