Sunday, November 07, 2010

Obama on "60 Minutes" on 7 Nov 2010

Late on Thursday afternoon, Steve Kroft interviewed President Obama. Obama acknowledged the election was a referendum on the economy. Obama noted his actions were "painted" as a big government philosophy. Folks are concerned about debt and deficits. The economy continuing to get worse before our policies had a chance to take effect. We thought about "let's just get it done," instead of worrying about how we got it done. When you're campaigning, you don't have to worry about "how" you're going to get it done. There are a lot of special interests that have a lot of power. Now, you have a lot of Republicans who ran as outsiders. The president was talking about earmarks. Obama might work with the newly elected Congressmen on earmarks.
Obama also talked about the healthcare bill. There is a reason why the health care system hasn't been reformed in the last few decades. There was an allusion to the health care program of Mitt Romney.

Kroft asked if the emergency was over. Obama noted the danger of getting stuck in a new normal, wherein unemployment rates stay high. We might have growth that is too slow to bring back the eight million jobs that were lost.

Kroft noted Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars on the stimulus package, but unemployment is still high. Obama noted there was a trillion dollars worth of infrastructure improvements that need to be done. Kroft noted that Republicans don't want a stimulus program.

Kroft noted that the political landscape has now changed. Clinton, when faced with a similar situation, pivoted to the middle.

Croft brought up the tea party. A poll of voters indicated 4 out of 10 voters supported the tea party.

Shades of Austin Powers, Kroft asked if Obama had lost his mojo.

The Bush era tax cuts are set to expire; the question will be "who" will get the tax cuts as of January 2011. Obama draws the line at $250,000. Obama pointed to folks over 250K as "you and me Steve." Obama spoke of "borrowing" 7 billion to pay for the cuts for the over $250K people. We have to answer the question of how we pay for it. Boehner wants to roll back discretionary spending to pre-stimulus levels. Obama spoke of "agreeing on a set of facts." Kroft noted that $250K are not the wealthiest people (not Goldman Sachs). Obama noted his relationship to the business community had gotten strained over the last two years. Kroft pointed out that business people are not certain that things are getting better. Obama noted that there is still uncertainty. Obama noted that the Republicans are hitting on the uncertainty associated with various regulatory changes. Obama noted the rules have to be done with consultation with those to be regulated.

Kroft got into Obama's aloofness. Obama has not sold his success. So busy, so focussed on getting stuff done that stopped paying attention to leadership and setting a tone. Just communicated things better that could persuade the half of the country who voted for McCain that they were wrong.

Leno, Letterman, MTV, Comedy Central, America's Most Wanted, The View: demeaning and unPresidential. "Body by Bam."
Obama: whole bunch of folks who watch The Daily Show or The View. Contradiction: too remote vs. being on The View.

Kroft: you are about halfway through. Most important thing you've learned? America is resilient and I'm resilient.

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The second story on "60 Minutes" was on the boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, who holds titles in seven weight divisions.
Wikipedia notes: Aside from being a boxer, Pacquiao has participated in acting, music recording, and politics. In May 2010, Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines, representing the province of Sarangani.[8] He is the first active boxer to become a congressman in the Philippines.


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