Monday, November 08, 2010

Curated gobbledy-gook?

Within a story titled The Washington Post comes to iPad :

Chloe Sladden, Twitter Director of Media Partnerships, said: "The effortless way that The Washington Post's iPad app integrates curated, meaningful Tweets into their articles and content brings Twitter's real time pulse directly into the app experience. By showing firsthand Tweets from the newsmakers themselves as well as readers' Twitter reactions, The Post offers a broader, multifaceted perspective on each news story."

If the McRib is sub-Twitter, where are politicians (newsmakers) in the hierarchy of Tweets?

Recall a comment at Patently-O on KSR:

In KSR the SCOTUS discarded 25 years of CAFC precedent, upon which we had all come to rely. For what? Nothing but more "gobbledy gook". No test, just rhetoric, in spite of the fact that so many amicus briefs were filed from knowledgeable sources.

How knowledgeable are the sources at Twitter?


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