Friday, July 13, 2007

Washington Post touts aid to microinventors, but ignores bigger picture

The Washington Post is touting the help S.1145 gives to "micro" inventors. But note that a micro inventor is one who has not licensed to a bigger entity:

The most recent version of the bill dubs a business a micro entity if it has fewer than five employees and has a gross annual income of no more than $100,000. The micro entity also cannot have been named on five or more previously filed patent applications. A firm can not consider itself a micro entity if it already has agreed to turn around and sell or license an invention to a large firm. However, the bill would enable a micro entity to turn around and sell its wares to another micro entity.

The Post is silent on the OTHER provisions of the bill that are NOT favorable to small inventors, or even university inventors, such as the second window of post grant opposition. The Post's focus on this small feature, while ignoring the big picture, is a shell game.


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