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More on Jason Bell's review of Carhart's book

Further to "What was JEB Stuart really doing..." (IPBiz, 30 June 07) and the review of Carhart's book, "Lost Triumph," Jason M. Bell, in footnote 8 of his review, had cited to page 23 of Carhart's book for the proposition that Carhart had acknowledged that other historians had "speculated" on Carhart's theory about Stuart.
IPBiz notes that page 23 of Carhart's book is within a chapter "Building Up to the Civil War" and contains nothing like the text mentioned in the review by Bell. Page 23 begins with text about Stephen Douglas and ends with text about Senator Butler.

In the Introduction, Carhart does not mention the speculation of other historians. He does state "But I intend to show that Pickett's Charge against the western side of the Union defenses was, at least in part, a massive distraction, that Lee had also planned two other contemporaneous attacks against the Union defensive army involving the other 50,000 men in his army..."

As a separate matter, although Carhart, in the context of criticizing David M. Gregg, mentions the deployment of the brigade of Irwin Gregg and of the First Maryland (see page 210), Carhart does not mention that this deployment would have been an obstacle had Stuart broken through against Custer and McIntosh.

Although there is no bibliography in Carhart's book, there is a "notes" section running from page 273 to page 281.

Carhart does cite William Miller in note 3 from "Stuart meets Custer" (see page 279)
Brooke-Rawle is cited on page 233 in note 26 (citing page 481(?) of "The Right Flank") and on page 236 (note 27)


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The review by Jason Bell in The Army Lawyer is available on the internet, for example here.

The technical editor of The Army Lawyer is Charles J. Strong.

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