Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Geron prevails in appeal of patent interference involving "Dolly the Sheep" technology

Although you won't find mention of ACT in the tradingmarkets post, ACT had acquired an interest in the UMass patents involved in the patent interference mentioned in the post. A more detailed discussion can be found in my article in 88 JPTOS 239 (March 2006). The technology relates to the work on "Dolly the Sheep" at the Roslin Institute, and the story of the patent rights arising therefrom is quite interesting and should be studied by those interested in how patent rights should be partitioned under California's Proposition 71.

From tradingmarkets:

Geron Corp. said the U.S. court dismissed appeals of two patent interference decisions related to patents covering nuclear transfer technology.

Geron acquired rights to this technology from the Roslin Institute in 1999 and then commenced patent interferences with conflicting patents held by the University of Massachusetts.

Geron said it received favorable ruling from the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences of the U.S. Patent Office on all counts in both interferences.


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