Monday, September 04, 2006

Patent attorney kills neighbor

In a story by AVI SALZMAN entitled "Told His Daughter Was Molested, a Lawyer Kills His Neighbor, Police Say," in the Aug 31 NYT, one has text:

A patent lawyer Jonathon Edington in Fairfield, CT was released on $1 million bond Wednesday, two days after, the police say, he broke into the home of a next-door neighbor and fatally stabbed him after a relative told him that his 2-year-old daughter had been molested by the neighbor.

Captain MacNamara said the police believed Mr. Edington had heard from a family member that his daughter had been molested, and “within moments” walked over to his neighbor’s house and broke in. The Associated Press quoted Mr. Edington’s lawyer, Michael Sherman, as saying that the 2-year-old “gave the mother information which was alarming and disturbing. The mom relayed it to her husband. That was the spark.’’

Neighbors described Mr. Edington as a quiet man who would walk through the neighborhood with his daughter and his small dog. He earned a degree in engineering at Syracuse University and finished at Fordham Law School in 2004, passing the New York bar in July of that year. He passed the Connecticut bar this year.

See also a report on msnbc.

The USPTO roster lists him as an agent, 54080, in Jersey City, but an article in suggests he may have been at Perman & Green in Fairfield, CT:

On his New York state bar registration, Edington listed the Fairfield patent firm of Perman & Green as his employer. Last week, however, receptionists at the firm would neither confirm nor deny that Edington worked there, and firm management didn't return telephone messages.

look here.

Another website mentions Perman as Edington's employer. Look


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