Sunday, September 03, 2006

Barbara Walters down on blogging?

from Newsweek via msnbc:

One of O'Donnell's goals on "The View" is not to be so bossy, to learn to ride the bus, rather than drive it. So far, the experiment has been ... a failure. Take the show's new commercials. "They wrote a skit about a bus. I was, like, 'OK, can you let me write it? Give me a day'," said Rosie. She got her promo, which ends with Walters's telling the ladies, cleverly: "You're all stars to me!" But Rosie thought the whole thing looked too grainy, and she immediately complained on her blog. "I saw the new view promos/found myself/in the position/I loathe the most/powerless." That entry made the gossip pages, which didn't please her boss. "I didn't like the blog," says Walters, who wants O'Donnell to stop posting, at least about the show. "I'm counting on Rosie's intelligence and sensitivity and humor. This is, after all, an entertainment show.

[View from 'The View': With co-host Walters
Donna Svennevik / ABC]

Also, on the blogging/"The View" frontier:

The process of journalism is to review the resulting reporting for mistakes and errors of omission or commission, in that order of escalating importance. When journalism "listens" to the market in the sense that Glenn Reynolds and Jeff Jarvis insist is the defining difference between journalism and citizen journalism, that is reflexively, it produces the pablum that is The View, Entertainment Tonight and The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, more stuff that reinforces our beliefs without challenging our intellects. [from Mitch Ratcliffe at ZDNet.]

In passing, IPBiz notes that the Sacramento Bee never did correct its errors about the patent law impact of the ACT work on the WARF / Thomson patents, and the discussion of the press release by Nature on ACT work is incompletely discussed by many newspapers.

[IPBiz post 1924]


Blogger Jeff Jarvis said...

The problem isn't that they are listening to the market. They are listening to Walters. eh?

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