Monday, March 16, 2015

Intellectual Ventures still going after Motorola for patent infringement

Ars Technica notes that Intellectual Ventures [IV] is still going after Motorola.

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Now that case is teed up again with a different set of patents. IV is claiming that Motorola products infringe patents 7,810,144, "File transfer system for direct transfer between computers," and US Patent No. 7,409,450, which describes a system of "packet-centric wireless point to multi-point." Neither of these patents were in last year's trial, although they were mentioned in the original complaint (PDF).

A third patent, 7,120,462, has a priority date of 1999 and describes a portable computer with a detachable handset. The '462 patent, invented by Rajendra Kumar, was in last year's trial and will feature again. IV claims Motorola used this patent in its defunct Lapdock product.

IV has filed dozens of lawsuits since 2010, and most have settled. In an order (PDF) published on Friday, US District Judge Sue Robinson made it clear that IV won't be allowed to discuss its settlements it has reached with other companies. The order also notes that both sides have agreed not to discuss IV's "business model, including the fact that plaintiffs market and license patents."



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