Sunday, March 15, 2015

Patent reform not really needed now?

As to a post in the Des Moines Register, titled  

Stop patent trolls from preying on innovation

, which includes

Legislation should:
Require patent owners to spell out specific infringing activity in demand letters and lawsuit complaints;
Reduce lawsuit costs by placing reasonable limits on the how much information must be exchanged by the parties;
Require companies that abuse our court system to fix the damage they cause by paying the defendant’s legal fees;
Expand Patent Office authority to review previously issued patents.


one notes

The FTC has some authority over patent demand letters.
The Director of the USPTO can initiate review of issued patents, AND third parties can seek review of issued patents.  Judges can award costs for "exceptional cases."
Thus, these processes already exist in current law.

link to Des Moines Register article:


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