Sunday, March 15, 2015

"60 minutes" on 15 March 2015

Scott Pelley on "dead or alive" about the death master file.  There are alive people on the death master file.  Don Pilger  announced the death of his wife, but he was declared dead.  Beery Denault was told all it takes is someone to report you dead.   Cyber ghost.  Judy Rivers. State of Alabama vital records vault.  There are about a dozen states without electronic records of deaths.  The death master file has about 86 million records.  The costly problem is that there are dead people not reported as dead.  6.5 million reported over age of 111.
Sandra akimbo.  Benefits of over $160,000 for dead mother.  Now social security is checking Medicare claims.  
Patrick O'Carroll discussed federal actions over dead people getting benefits.

Social security admits to about 9000 people wrongly declared dead.
On March 16, there will be a Senate hearing on these topics.


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