Sunday, January 12, 2014

"60 Minutes" does Alex Rodriguez/Anthony Bosch on 12 January 2014

Scott Pelley interviews Anthony Bosch (Biogenesis); "The Case of Alex Rodriguez."

On gummies/troches:

"How could he?" I felt I had a responsibility: do it the right way. Let me show you how to this. Let's do it the right way.

If you hadn't been caught, you would still be doing it.

Blackberry BBM text message.

Gummie at 10:45am?

Code words were used:

Cojete = injectible drug
night cream

Pelley: did you think about the integrity of the game? Bosch: this is part of baseball. Fair play if everybody is on it?

Rodriguez: evidence false and unreliable. Scandal first broke in 2013. Miami New-Times.
Seelig: a battle to save the game. Seelig: I have never seen anything like it. The penalty fit the evidence.
The things he did to impede our investigation. 211 games was a very fair penalty.


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