Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another German politician under scrutiny for plagiarism

Spiegel Online discusses certain oblique charges of "plagiarism in thesis" leveled against German Education Minister Annette Schavan -->

Most of the questionable passages found would appear to be cases of Schavan having slightly modified text from secondary resources to give the impression that she had read the primary documents -- a far lesser transgression than that of Guttenberg, who outright copied large segments of his dissertation from other sources without citation

This evokes some of charges leveled against SIU President Glen Poshard, who copied text reviewing literature without attributing the source of the literature review. Poshard's bigger transgression was that the literature review was of an earlier time, not the later time period he supposedly was reviewing. Inaccuracy, not copying, was the true issue, as with Joe Biden "adopting" the life history of Kinnock, even though it was unrelated to Biden's.


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