Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NTP sues Palm in Virginia

Further to the ongoing NTP saga, NTP has sued Palm, maker of the Treo e-mail phone, for infringement eight months after the RIM settlement. NTP sued after licensing talks failed. Palm shares tumbled following the announcement.

ED Va is a "rocket docket" for patent cases, and was well known before Marshall, Texas came into the limelight.

**UPDATE on Nov. 13**

from InformationWeek:

Palm says NTP's patents are of "doubtful validity," and they don't relate to its products. "The NTP patents disclose a pager-based E-mail service that has nothing in common with the mobile-computing devices invented by Palm," the company said in a statement. In preliminary re-examinations, which were started while the RIM dispute was going on, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected NTP's seven patents, but that ruling is under appeal.

[IPBiz note: claims of RIM's patents were rejected in a first Office Action in re-examination.]


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