Friday, November 03, 2006

Is article in the journal Science "mind-boggling stupid"?

Of an article by Boris Worm, a marine biologist and a lead author in the peer-reviewed study published in Science on November 3, 2006, Ray Hilborn, a University of Washington professor of aquatic and fishery sciences, said: "It's just mind-boggling stupid."

The Seattle Times reported an important piece of information: In a note to colleagues that was mistakenly sent to The Seattle Times, Worm wrote that the projection could act as a "news hook to get people's attention."

"One reason why nobody cares about marine biodiversity is that there seemed no clear end in sight," he continued. "... Well, it's time to wake up — IF the current trend continues we will see drastic consequences in our own lifetime."

When asked about the e-mail, Worm said the 2048 projection is accurate, and he reiterated he is very confident that the trend could lead to a global fisheries collapse. He noted that the study's prediction of worldwide collapse is based on an average fishery of the future, and that some fisheries could end up well above the dismal average.

The idea that Science is publishing op-eds under the guise of "news" or research reports also came up in an analysis of the July 28 issue of Science, as discussed in 88 JPTOS 743 (Sept. 2006).


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