Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nanotechnology's Sally Ramsey

The Cleveland Plain Dealer had a story titled: Strange thinker follows a different path; Accidentally discovered paper waterproofing among her 12 pending patents, concerning work by Sally Ramsey.

Some text:

Sally Ramsey also shrugs off being considered an inventor. She prefers to classify herself as a strange thinker someone driven by a natural curiosity.

The reasons that companies such as DuPont are interested in Ecology
Coatings is because this technology can be used on paper, plastic and metal,
said Mark Brandt, managing partner of the Maple Fund, a Cleveland firm that
provides early-stage venture capital to tech companies.

Most finishings require heat, which requires natural gas, and
natural gas costs are going through the roof, Brandt said. This technology is so

[from the Plain Dealer, C1, December 29, 2005]

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