Friday, May 27, 2005

Int. Prop. Today publishes article on offshoring patent drafting

At pages 38 and 39 of the May 2005 issue, Intellectual Property Today published "Offshoring Patent Drafting and Prosecution Services," by Alok Aggarwal, chairmain of EvalueServe, Inc.

The third paragraph states: To contain costs, many in-house IP divisions as well as stand-alone IP law-firms have already started outsourcing some of their work (e.g., drafting of figures, literature searches, prior art searches, and invalidation studies) to third parties within the United States and some even to other countries.

The fourth paragraph mentions: ...many companies are beginning to explore the potential of offshoring IP services to third parties, particularly those that are located in low-wage countries such as India.

Aggarwal estimates that there were 300 IP professionals in India in March 2005 providing offshore services, and estimates that the number will grow six-fold between 2005-2010.

The article does not mention potential issues in sending technology offshore involving export regulations such as EAR.


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