Sunday, April 19, 2015

CBS Sunday Morning on April 19, 2015

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 19, 2015.  First up, Lee Cowan on the aurora boreal is, the northern lights.  Second, Anthony Mason with Kate Mulgrew.  Third,  Seth Doane with Russell Crowe.  Fourth,  Vladimir Dutyiheh with Russell Westbrook.  Mo Rocca.  News.  Ship capsizing south of Sicily.  Executions.  Doolittle's Raiders 73 years later.  Rock and roll Hall of Fame.  Sunny in northeast.

Mo Rocca does the cover story on "Beyond Belief."  Openly secular.  Neil Carter, godlessindixie.  Todd Stiefel.  Julia Sweeney.   7% of Americans don't believe in a God.  53% of Americans would not support an atheist.
Mandeeza Thomas.  Black non-believers.  Dean of Duke University Chapel is interviewed by Mo Rocca.

Almanac.  April 19, 1877.  Ole Evinrude born.  In 1906, ice cream melted while rowing.
In 1911, patent on outboard motor.  Arthur Davidson of Harley-Davidson worked for Evinrude.  [IPBiz notes US patent no. 1001260 issued to Evinrude on Aug 22, 1911; the filing date was  Sep 16, 1910 .  The first claim:  The combination of an engine, a frame in swing connection with the engine and attachable to a row-boat or other small craft, an arm extending outwardly from the frame, a collar in adjustable connection with the arm longitudinally of the same, a tiller, ]

Note.  20 years after explosion at Murrah Building.

Interview of Russell Westbrook.  Partnered with Barney's.  True Religion.  Entered NBA draft in 2008.

Lee Cowan on northern lights.

Merle Haggard on ACM Awards on April 29.

Moment of nature .  Saguaro National Park  in Arizona.

Ends with clip from King of the Road.


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