Saturday, October 11, 2014

Self-plagiarism in an Illinois university, again

Some time ago, at Southern Illinois University (SIU), there was an issue of "self-plagiarism" when a certain employee [Chancellor Walter Wendler] "recycled" material from work at a different university without citing the earlier work in the later work. This was prior to the Poshard plagiarism matter, and SIU determined self-plagiarism was not problematic, but did re-assign the employee. See for example
SIU's Wendler out
Self-plagiarism and the "repurposing" of research
and SIU reassigns Wendler

Now, at the University of Illinois, there is another matter related to "self-plagiarism." See the post
at the Chronicle for Higher Education titled U. of Illinois Chancellor Corrects ‘Serious Errors’ in 2006 Paper including the text

Phyllis M. Wise, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has made a significant correction to a paper, published in 2006, that presents non-original work as original, the blog Retraction Watch reports.

See also the post by Ali Abunimah titled Illinois chancellor who fired Salaita accused of serial self-plagiarism

Evidence has emerged of several instances of duplicate publishing – a widely condemned form of unethical behavior sometimes called “self-plagiarism.”

It occurs when an author publishes the same research or the same or substantially similar paper in multiple venues without acknowledging the fact, in effect passing off the old research as something new.

Duplicate publishing is considered especially damaging in the medical sciences: the same results for a drug study published multiple times in different journals can give the false impression of numerous independent studies showing that the drug is effective.


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