Sunday, October 12, 2014

CBS Sunday Morning on October 12, 2014

Charles Osgood presented the stories for October 12, 2014. The cover story by Susan Spencer was on coincidences, which included mention of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams both passing on July 4, 1826. Second, Lee Cowan on Michael Keaton.
Third, Rita Braver on Walter Isaacson, with a line about innovators who knew how to collaborate. Fourth, Anthony Mason on Sam Smith. Fifth, Faith Salie on Madeleine. Also, Steve Hartman and Chip Reid. Of the headlines, a health care worker who attended the US Ebola patient tested positive. More problems with enterovirus. The town of Kobani, Syria. Scandal in Parlin, NJ. Weather: thunderstorms in the plains; nice in northeast.

Spencer's story started with facts about the Solomon family, including Hillary Kimmelman Solomon and included comments by Professor Jay Kohler of the Northwestern University School of Law. There was mention of Godwinks [SQuire Rushnell ] and evidence for coincidences being of divine origin. the "law of truly large numbers." Matt Hudson. The universe flips a lot of coins. Matt Fletcher. Actress Diane Lane. 6F99.

Pulse. 49% think coincidences are of divine origin. 39% think chance.

Almanac. Medal of Honor to Desmond Doss of Lynchburg, VA on Oct. 12, 1945. Doss was a conscientous objector and a 7th Day Adventist.


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