Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Lex Luther, reprised

As to a post on Patently-U titled Perky Parrots of the Patent-Haters Club , with a blue and gold macaw,
recall the IPBiz post from 2007 titled
Lex Luther challenges Howard Berman on patent reform, HR 1908
which included the text

Lex Luther, macaw

When Lex Luther doesn't understand something, he says "What?", giving him an immediate leg up on Berman. Further, when Luther sees something he likes, he says "Wow!", suggesting a discussion with Lex might be more interesting than Berman's hearings on H.R. 1908 to date which have amounted to a cheerleader contest in Texas. Someone reportedly heard Luther mutter under his breath that Berman's slavish devotion to the advancement of patent interests only of the IT industry was giving "parrots a bad name."

For those fans of the Avengers, recall the episode "The Bird Who Knew Too Much," featuring Captain Crusoe, a blue and gold macaw, and Diana Rigg's outfit in the closing scene.


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