Sunday, April 06, 2014

The biggest threat to patent reform?

Within The biggest threat to patent reform: The Apple/IBM/Microsoft coalition , we seem to have an argument that the coalition of Apple, DuPont, Ford, GE, IBM, Microsoft, and Pfizer, etc. are fighting patent reform so that trolls can prey on high-growth, disruptive, and nimble startups, which are a threat to the established companies.

One might think the larger company would simply buy the high-growth, disruptive company and make a product, rather than having a third party troll destroy the small company.

Sounds like logic from George C. Scott and "The Formula."


Blogger Unknown said...

That was a bad op-ed, rare for content released by Venture Beat. The proposals were taken almost verbatim from a letter signed by 60 law profs to Congress in late 2013. The title, opening and conclusion tried to frame the patent reform debate as a fight between large corporations v the public and small firms; even though many large corporations vilified support measures the author lays out. The author also makes no mention of defensive measures available to recipients of demand letters and litigation filings; thus implying that businesses should rely on grand reform of the patent system that may carry collateral costs rather than picking up the phone to call a patent lawyer.

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