Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sherlock on Feb. 21 does cerebral amyloid angiopathy

The "Possibility Two" episode of Holmes discusses CAA [ Cerebral amyloid angiopathy ]. As introduction, Gerald Lydon mentions that he has 18 patents. Lydon also believes someone has genetically induced CAA in him.

Holmes mentions to Watson Jeremy Bentham as the father of modern criminology: free will.

The company "Watt Helix." The "warrior gene." Line: "my funding dried up." CAA comes from a mutation of the MPP gene.

I would rather question a scientist than a businessman. Natasha Kademan's monograph: warrior gene.

Issue of Benny Cordero complaining that Natasha used Bennie's blood without permission. Natasha labelled him an incurable sociopath.\

Kirian Boyd portrait has spots of Benny's blood. [Holme's can't prove the blood wasn't there, but has to look into "possibility two."]

Image of Holmes playing with molecular models. Refers to resultant molecule as a dinosaur. Polycyclic hydrocarbon family member is a mutagen.

Main Moon dry cleaning run by Russians. Security cameras.

STR analysis tests 13 loci against each other. You can fake a match of 13 loci. In Benny's case, there were no other loci present in the blood sample. Manufacture a DNA sample. Sample designed to look that way. UBN Pharmaceutical. The boyfriend killed Natasha. The boyfriend had the warrior gene. Lincoln Dunwoody.

Murder plot: create CAA in leaders of philanthropic foundation in order to generate more funding for CAA research. Brian Watt, the founder of Watt Helix, was the culprit. He suffered from hereditary CAA.

Thus, the crimes were done in order to secure research funding.

[Elsewhere, a huge sinkhole in the Garden State Parkway.]

Of other CBS shows involving IP, the episode "Pa Ľani" "The Game" [on Feb. 18, 2013] involved corporate espionage. The twist was that the stolen information revealed the technology of the company did NOT work, and the disclosure would damage the fraudster CEO, rather than allowing competitors to copy useful technology.


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