Sunday, February 17, 2013

CBS "60 Minutes" on February 17, 2013

The first story is on Israel's "Iron Dome," which intercepts incoming attacking missiles.

Scott Pelley does the second story on the ship "Africa Mercy."

Third, Steve Kroft on Maggie Smith and Downton Abbey.

"Iron Dome" has been called a game changer. Ashkelon. Ehud Barak was interviewed. The soldiers have to make a decision to fire the rocket. Idi Youri. Without Iron Dome, Israel would have invaded Gaza. Each Iron Dome interceptor costs at least $75,000. The incoming rocket might cost $500. Video of a protest in Ramallah. Arab prof to US: if you take our money, you must take our advice. $270 million from the US for Iron Dome. US promising another $680 million.

"Africa Mercy" is the closest thing to a time machine you will ever see. The intersection of courage and compassion. 500 feet in length; 8 decks. 90 nurses; 15 doctors; 78 beds and 6 operating rooms. Togo, West Africa. Most live on $2 a day. Maxillo facial procedures.

Ship also goes to Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia. Gary Parker is the chief surgeon. In 1995, a patient came in with a tumor so big that she had difficulty breathing. Tooth enamel that won't stop growing. Fate matta: we know you are in there. Diseased jaw is replaced by titanium piece; then later hip bone transplanted on titanium. Ally Chandra is a nurse from New Jersey: I could never go back (to NJ). Of patients: Someone has to look at them and say "you're human." You find a way to connect with them. In 1978, Don Stevens of Texas started "mercy ships." 1) Corporate sponsors 2) doctors pay their own way, for example with contributions from churches. Ally: I miss strawberries and I miss fresh milk. Gary Parker met his wife Susan on board. Gary's mom lives in Santa Barbara, CA. Africa spent 5 months in port; 281 tumors removed.

Dame Maggie Smith of Downton Abbey, which concludes its season tonight on PBS. Steve mentions Marigold Hotel and Quartet. Smith: I am familiar to people now. This is due to the tv set. Violet: Countess of Grantham. Maggie: I haven't watched it (Downton Abbey).
The delight of acting. Broadway debut at ag 21. Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. Won Oscar in 1969. 1978: California Suite, with Michael Caine. Director said to spikey. Jagged. "Old people are scary, but I don't know what you do." Julian Fellows: it's about whether this scene works. Her bothering is worth attending to and listening to. Dustin Hoffman joined the interview. The horrible thing about getting old is you have breakfast every half hour.


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