Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sunday Morning on September 9, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 9, 2012. The cover story began with an allusion to Crime and Punishment by Theodore Dostoyevsky. This story is about the MacDonald murders in Ft. Bragg in 1970. A man convicted of a terrible and sensational crime. Rita Braver. On Jeffrey MacDonald. Second, JRR Tolkien. Elijah Wood by Tracy Smith. Third, Ellen by Mo Rocca. Built a career on kindness. Wife Portia. Fourth, Wiggle Room by Martha Teichner. Jello. Fifth. Clarissa Ward. Serenea Alschuler, story telling. Hartman on soldiers.

News. Obama in Florida, Romney in Virginia. Two car bombs in Iraqui Amara. Chicago public school teachers threatening to walk off. Tornados in NYC. Bermuda will be spared Leslie. Oscar Pitorius won in ParaOlypics.

Most of country sunny and cooler.

Another look at Jeffrey MacDonald case. Rita Braver. Feb 17. Wife dead. 1970 at Ft. Bragg North Carolina. Suspicion focused on Jeffrey MacDonald, Princeton grad. 1984 NCB movie Fatal Vision. Joe McGiniss. Errol Morath, MacArthur Genius. Doc film maker. Morris The Thin Blue Line. Randal Dale Adams. Turning over a rock. The Fog of War on Robert Macnamara. Pet Cemetery. Errol Morris, a wilderness of errors. Most of cards withheld. Copycat version of Manson murder. Failed to preserve evidence. 27 people going through crime scene. 1982 vdeotape: Helena Stokely drug user in Ft. Bragg area. Confessed she was in house night of murder. She was a blank slate at trial. The prosecutor threatened her; indict her for muder.

DNA evidence. Hair under finger nails of girl.

The almanac was on Grover Cleveland. The birth of his daughter in the White House. Esther Cleveland, born September 9, 1893, is to date the only Presidential child born in the White House.

There was an opinion piece by Kevin Bleier on factions.

The Spiriva Handihaler moment of nature was puffins on Seal Island off the coast of Maine.


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