Sunday, September 09, 2012

"60 Minutes" on September 9, 2012

Scott Pelley interviews one of the people ("Mark Owen")involved in the shooting of Osama Bin Laden.

"Don't run to your death." Engaged him means "shot him."

"Mark Owen" recently left Seal Team 6. Book: "No easy day." Owen got Silver Star and Purple Heart. This was absolutely not a "kill only" mission. The preferred thing was to take him alive. May 1, 2011. Small team of Americans to improvise victory. Owen: just trying to tell the bigger story. Chief Petty Officer was in the Navy for 14 years. He has done 13 combat deployments. The Naval Special Warfare Development Group. 24 guys were chosen. In April 2011, this squadron had just returned from Afghanistan. Operation Neptune Spear under the control of the CIA. Wall 12 feet tall.
There was a person called "the pacer." The pacer had been there five years. The house was about 1 mile from Pakistan military academy.

160th special operations aviation unit. Dog named Cairo. Chalk 1 and Chalk 2 (with outside containment team). Version of compound was built in North Carolina.

Admiral Mike Mullin observed rehearsals. In late April, flew to US base in Afghanistan. Female CIA analyst. Wicked smart, kind of feisty. April 30: correspondents' dinner.

The first "60 Minutes" segment went up to the problem with the helicopter, at which point the team had to improvise.

The second segment began: tell me about the crash. The tail landed on the wall. Chalk 2 was already on the ground. They had planned to be on the ground for 30 minutes. Seals are good at pick up basketball: shoot, move, and communicate.

Door locked. Shooting from behind door directed to Seals. Behind door. Women with kids. Husband had been shot.

First floor of main building. Another courier with gun. Secured ground floor, and second floor. Pitch black in house. Khalid (son) lives on second floor. Khalid ducked around corner; Seal whispers "Khalid." Khalid sticks head out and gets shot.
Slow movement. Don't run to your death. Mark Owen is behind point man. Osama stuck head out of room and got shot. Twenty minutes had passed. One SEAL was in charge of time, calling out the minutes that had passed.

The third segment began with the team looking at the body of Osama Bin Laden. Beard was dark black. Bin Laden was 6 foot 4. One of SEALS spoke Arabic and asked a child, who said Osama Bin Laden. Code word: Geronimo. EKIA. DNA samples taken. Duplicates of everything. Blood, saliva, photos. Camelpack. Pictures were gruesome; bullet wound in head. Osama had a gun but didn't use it. On 2nd flood, SEALS were grabbing computers, disks, ... Now after 1:30am.

Explosive expert. EOD man. CH 47s.

The SEALs were on the ground 38 minutes. A CH-47 refueled the one Blackhawk.

Miss 100% was in the hanger where body was taken in Afghanistan.

Owen hit Taco Bell on way home. Two tacos and a bean burrito.

C-130 that had been used in Iran used to transport SEAL team to Obama. Obama was at Fort Campbell, KY. Obama asked "who" pulled the trigger. "Owen" says SEAL team members ok with the book. Spokesman George Little said Owen is in breach of secrecy agreement.


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