Saturday, November 26, 2011

On California's CIRM

Californiastemcellreport wrote on November 23, 2011:

The campaign [for Proposition 71] generated impressions among voters that cures – specifically human embryonic stem cell cures – were just around the corner and that the Bush Administration, with its restrictions on hESC research, was the only thing standing in the way. Indeed, without George Bush, there would be no state stem cell agency since his stand against hESC created an apparent need for alternative funding. For voters who expected instant cures, however, CIRM must be a sad disappointment since it has developed no therapy that is being used to treat people.

IPBiz notes that when the California voters voted Prop 71 in, scientists thought Huang Woo Suk's work on hESC was real.
In 2011, the current state of the art is still not up to what Huang Woo Suk falsely reported in the journal Science. Californiastemcellreport should give Huang Woo Suk some credit for the passage of Prop 71.


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