Sunday, September 11, 2011

Events on September 11, 2011

CBS, with Scott Pelley, covered 9/11 events on September 11, 2011, thereby pre-empting "CBS Sunday Morning."

Following reading of some names of 9/11 victims, there was a moment of silence at 9:02-9:03 am to remember the event of UA Flight 175 striking the South Tower. Following that silence, George Bush (43) spoke, ending with a quote from Abraham Lincoln. Peter Negron followed. A solo by Yo Yo Mah followed. During the solo, families of 9/11 victims entered the WTC memorial plaza. Reading of names resumed at 9:10am. [There was a personal comment around 9:18am: 143 eternally yours.]

Following remarks by Mayor Bloomberg, there was a moment of silence at 9:37am for AA Flight 77 striking the Pentagon. Then Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke. He talked of the "Four Freedoms," beginning with freedom of speech. Then, James Smith spoke, with Patricia Smith by his side. Then James Taylor sang "Close Your Eyes."

At 9:59am, a moment of silence for the falling of the South Tower. This was followed by Governor Chris Christie, quoting the poet Mary Lee Hall. "Turn again to life and smile." Then a solo by Emi Ferguson of "Amazing Grace" on the flute.

At 10:03am, a moment of silence for the crashing of UA flight 93 crashing near Shanksville, PA. Then Former Governor George Pataki spoke. Billy Collins poem "Names." Names etched on the head of a pin. ... There is barely room on the walls of the heart.

Moment of silence, 10:28am for the North Tower. Then Rudy Giuliani. Then 10:30am Debra Epps: people really do catch you when you fall. Then Paul Simon on the guitar with "Sounds of Silence." Simon wore a coat and a purple tie, and a 9/11 Memorial ball cap. At 10:38am, Pelley talked to Bob Schieffer. We on this awful day saw America at its very best. Scott noted Face the Nation would be shown. Pelley quoted Lincoln from the Gettysburg Address. At 10:41am, CBS switched to some stills and videoclips. A commercial appeared at 10:42am. Then Face the Nation, starting with John Brennan, White House Counterterrorism advisor. Schieffer then went to Rudy Giuliani, referenced by Schieffer as "America's Mayor." Giuliani noted that twice as many people live in the area as in 2001. Giuliani spoke of forgetting about petty differences. Then, Schieffer went to Donald Rumsfeld. Schieffer showed a clip of people from Congress singing God Bless America. I want to believe with all my heart that we could [come together as on 9/11/01]. The Face the Nation presentation ended at 10:58am, rendering its duration 15 minutes.

At 11am, CBS KYW went to local programming on 9/11. Ed Nancarrow, who was on the 96th floor of South Tower, spoke at Cherry Hill. Paul Rothman. Lou Giaccardo.


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