Thursday, July 07, 2011

HR 2376: yes or no?

The PatentBaristas blog backed Stem Cell Research Advancement Act of 2011, H.R. 2376. :

Urge your representative and senators to pass the Stem Cell Research Advancement Act this year. The U.S. must continue to invest in embryonic stem cell research and a legislative solution is necessary to ensure that federal funding for this important research is no longer vulnerable to political or ideological challenge.

Before you go contacting anyone, ask the folks in California how CIRM is working out for them. Comments to a recent LA Times editorial included

The state should not be in the stem cell business to begin with. There are hundreds of private companies that are better able to understand the risks and opportunities in the many types of stem cell therapies - and they are investing billions.


I voted for this original -- not again!!!!! When politics and money exceeds the derision to appoint someone at exorbitant salaries and befenfits over someone who will work for the public good in spending public money -- all the more reason one cannot trust government and should not get public money. Fool me once -- shame on you --- fool me twice


The science which is producing results centers around autologous (self-produced) stem cells. So far, not one single result outside the "petri dish" has resulted from research into embryonic stem cells. And it isn't "the Shrub" who's at fault, for this same fact holds true in Britain, where nearly 100% of funding went into ESC research.
It's the science. The science is against ESCs ever doing something worth while for anyone other than the individual orignally torn apart to harvest them -- for ESCs have the DNA of their "donor", not the recipient, and any tissue built from ESCs will require an anti-rejection regimen..
Face it -- California was had -- big time, chumps!


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