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CBS Sunday Morning on July 3, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories on CBS Sunday Morning for July 3, 2011. Tomorrow, the 235th anniversary of Independence Day. Martha Teichner does the cover story on call centers. We're there and we are sitting on hold. Someone will be with you later on Sunday morning. Snowball the teenage cockatoo. A hardcore neurobiologist. Popstar Katy Perry interviewed by Anthony Mason. Bill Geist does "Just for Kicks," on bucking horse sale in Miles City. Al Capone, Movies, conductor.

Headlines: In Metro Phoenix, homes without power. ExxonMobil trying to contain oil spill. DSK out in NYC. Prince William and Kate in Montreal (mixed reaction). Prince Albert's wedding, first wedding since 1956. Weather: heat and humidity.

Osgood started with the DSK case. DSK has been out on the town in NYC, and is no longer under house arrest. The case against him now hangs by a thread. Any sex was consensual. Ken Thompson is alleged victim's attorney. In France, many view the proceedings as a typical American rush to judgment. The Socialist party in France still thinks DSK can be a viable candidate. Sunday Morning then switched to the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, FL. On Thursday, the defense rested without Casey Anthony testifying.

"Your call is important to us" was the cover story. Mona Shaw of Manassas, VA was featured as a victim of Comcast, Friday, August 2007. She brought a hammer to the Comcast office, and then remarked about having Comcast's attention now. Emily Yellen wrote a book on customer service in the United States. 43 billion calls a year. 3 million people work in call centers in the US: another 2 million outside the US. A live agent in the US is 7.50 per call. In a foreign country, 2.35 per call; automated is 0.35 per call. Boy operators initially manned telephones; then replaced by "hello girls." Michael Douglas in the film "Falling Down." Scott Bratzman runs Customer Care in Alexandria, VA. Website "The Consumerist." Scoops up horror stories and posts them on the internet. The publisher of consumer reports recently bought the website. Sheila Harold VP at FedEx emphasized that FedEx treats calls seriously. Have a satisfied customer. Even Comcast has undertaken radical re-adjustment.
Mona Shaw appeared on Dr. Phil. The hammer was auctioned off for $180. [This story is re-cycled from CBS Sunday Morning on November 7, 2010.]

Almanac. July 3, 1952. Day 1 of the SS United States. [Actually, maiden voyage on 4 July 1952] New York to Europe. Nearly 1000 feet long. Eastbound 3 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes. 1962 movie "Bon Voyage." But no match for jet liners. Nov. 1969 taken out of service. Now sits at a Philadelphia pier. [The almanac piece strongly parallels a piece on public television. From wikipedia: A television documentary about the ship, titled SS United States: Lady in Waiting, was completed in early February, 2008 and was distributed through Chicago's WTTW TV and American Public Television with the first airings in May, 2008 on PBS stations throughout the U.S.

Clip from 1987 Movie "The Untouchables" introduced story "Scarface." Jonathan Eig is author of book "Get Capone." A savvy hood to present the lighter pleasures in Chicago. By mid-1920s Capone was getting the lion's share of the graft. Steven Graham actor in Boardwalk Empire tv series. Capone welcomed the spotlight. The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge was Capone's favorite haunt. Picture of Capone homestead. Prairie Ave. and 73rd St. When he came into a room, it was like lightning going off. Movie clip: St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Feb. 1929. Chicago History Museum. Eig doesn't believe Capone was involved. Two of the guns recovered in St. Joseph , Michigan were used at the massacre (2122 N. Clark St.). Capone went down on tax evasion charges. Served 8 years, and returned to Chicago. Died in 1947 at age 48.

Steve Hartman on "strike up the band," on national band directors museum in Troy, Alabama [that is, The National Band Directors Hall of Fame ]. Johnny Long. An energy field around him. Father figure. Teacher is the greatest word in the English language, next to mother. [From CBS8 News on May 8, 2011: CBS Evening News with Katie Couric has sent Reporter Steve Hartman to Troy University to do a story about the legacy of the Southeast Alabama Community Band. Members of the Southeast Alabama Community Band are traveling hundreds of miles every week just to rehearse together, and CBS Evening News Reporter Steve Hartman says that loyalty has caught his attention. (...) Hartman says it’s still up in the air when CBS Evening News will run this story, but his best guess is to look for it in June.

Pulse. favorite barbequed food: beef at 36%.

Movie review. Larry Crowne. Tom Hanks plays the lead as a guy who lost his job and signs up at a community college.
Message: People who survive without becoming wage slaves or pinko malcontents. Larry's so sweet and slow, like Harry Dean Stanton.

Sunday Passage. The loss of American's best known butter sculptor. Martha Duffy Lyons. Life size replica of a Jersey cow.
Version of the Last Supper. Iowa State Fair. The butter cow.

"Watch the Birdie" on Snowball the Cockatoo. 14 years old. Fly away star of science. Neurosciences Institute of San Diego.
How humans move to music. Snowball was first nonhuman animal documented as moving to a synchronized beat. Snowball is helping to define avian intelligence. Crows can make tools. Jarvis at Duke University. Cockatoos have the ability to speak, unlike dogs, cats, or chimps. Snoball has been on over 50 tv shows since 2007. His celebrity has snoballed. BirdLoversOnly in Indiana. Who says white guys can't dance? [This story was a recycle from June 6, 2010, and thus more than a year old.]

Anthony Mason on Katy Perry. Pop star with the pinup girl looks. Obvious innuendo. The art of the tease. Perry seems inescapable and unstoppable. Album: Teenage Dream. Appearance on "The Late Show" with David Letterman. Like to create waves; I'm from California. Grew up in Santa Barbara. She was signed to a Nashville gospel label, which later went bankrupt. "Wow, teach me everything." She was signed, and dropped, by two more record labels. Capitol Records signed her up. I Kissed a Girl. A creation of her producers? It's not like I'm Carol King, here. Latest single: "last Friday night."
When I pass, I don't want to be buried. Put in fireworks and shot out over the ocean. Katy Perry's incendiary career shows no sign of losing its spark. [Recycled from CBS Sunday Morning on 26 Sept 2010]

Opinion from Tony Blair on Independence. Nobility to the American character. Ideal about values. The way you achieve. You as an individual take second place to the country as a whole. The ideal is always striven for. New powers are emerging. This changing world does not diminish the need for the American ideal.

World Famous Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana. Cowboys are known for their reckless abandon. For 61 straight years this horse sale has been held in Eastern Montana. Cowboys pay for the privilege. Dave Struhler from Golden, Colorado. The auction for each horse begins when the rider hits the ground. Dave's horse sold for $300.

Next week: Tom Jones (a recycled story! See CBS Sunday Morning on 17 Oct 2010)

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Crystal Forest, Arizona. Landscape of red, white, and blue. (petrified forest).


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