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CBS Sunday Morning on July 10, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for July 10, 2011. He first mentioned the death of Betty Ford. She occupies a special place. John Blackstone does a look back. He started by mentioning her addiction to pain killers and alcohol. "Over the Moon" by Mo Rocca was the second story mentioned. An out of this world crime. Third, was Mark Phillips on Tom Jones. Tom Jones at age 71. This story is recycled. Fourth, Bill Geist on "To the Point," a recycled story from previous. Vegetable orchestra was also recycled.

Headlines: Negotiations in Washington on the debt ceiling. Japan hit by 7.0 earthquake. NYT reports possible suspension of aid to Pakistan. Leon Panetta in Afghanistan. Republic of South Sudan. Colin Powell was there. 7 missing Americans in Sea of Cortez. Derek Jeter. Running of the bulls. Weather: hot in some places. very hot in others.

Betty Ford was a first lady like no other. Blackstone on Betty Ford: a woman of openness and honesty. "60 Minutes" interview with Morley Safer in 1975. Walter Cronkite clip on Roe v. Wade. Things that were taboo in 1970's. On Gerald: he still enjoys pretty girls. Betty Ford on her breast cancer and mastectomy. Lesley Stahl on "60 Minutes" in 1997. The more she talked the popular she became. Cronkite on 1976 election results. The growing addiction to pain killers and alcohol. By 1978, her addiction could no longer be ignored. Intervention. Used her own experience to give to others. "Betty Ford Treatment Center." Last public appeareance: Gerald Ford's funeral. She was a woman strong enough to acknowledge her weakness.

Almanac. July 10, 1040. Lady Godiva bareback ride through Coventry. 1955 film with Maureen O'Hara. Peeping Tom. Song by Peter and Gordon. Seinfeld episode. Ride in Tampa in 1993. Osgood does poem ending in "was that lady-like?"

Nancy Giles on "walk this way". Her dog "George." A full workout just by walking? Make your bottom half, your better half.
MBT: Masai sneaker. Portsmouth, NH headquarters. Sam Speers. Replicate the feel of walking barefoot on sand. Now, also Rettone, etc. selling body toning shoes. Cedric Brian of ACE: no shortcut to getting in shape. The true message: exercise and diet.

Martha Teichner on "striking a gourd," a story recycled from a previous "Sunday Morning." Indianapolis Museum of Art. Veg. orchestra formed in 1998. Thirteen years later, still going on. Half the fun is in inventing new instruments. The microphones are really important. The eggplant channel and the zucchini channel. 70 pounds of vegetables per concert. Every day noises are filled with music.

Osgood on the current Atlantis mission. Leading to the "Over the Moon" story by Mo Rocca. Between 1969 and 1972, 12 men landed on the moon. Thad Roberts story. NASA's co-op program for potential astronauts. Student at the University of Utah. Risk taker and rule breaker. Ben Mezrich book on Roberts. NASA moon rocks of Everett Gibson. In all, NASA has 842 pounds of moon rock. Loaded safe on dolly and wheeled it out. 101g of stuff worth $21 million. 22 year old Tiffany Fowler. Use money to fund science that might change the world. Axel Emmermann was the potential buyer. Axel noted: A crime is a crime, no matter how you put it. On July 20, 2002, Pat and Tiffany went to Orlando for sale. Sex on moon rocks.
See also Sex on the Moon : Roberts was fortunate enough to be accepted into NASA’s Cooperative Education Program at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Leaving his wife in Utah, Roberts remade himself and became a leader among the other “co-ops,” viewed as an adventurer and risk-taker. While fascinated by what the co-op program allowed him to do, Roberts was particularly intrigued when one of his mentors told them that the lunar material in his safe was considered “trash” by NASA because they had been used for experiments and outside the agency.

Casey Anthony trial: Jury of 7 women/5 men: just under 11 hours of deliberation. HLN: had 4,475,000 viewers when verdict announced. Release on 1007th day of imprisonment.

Rupert Murdoch; Journal piece on "News of the World." 168 years of Sunday scoops. Murdoch bought it in 1969. Millie Dower.

Ben Tracey in Los Angeles on Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Los Angeles. LA is an odd choice for first US visit. One item on the agenda: job fair for veterans.

Si Twombly, artist. If it happens, it happens. Restauranteur: George Lang's (Cafe des Artistes) Closed in 2009. [ Café des Artistes Has Closed ]

Sunday Profile on Tom Jones. Does the old town look the same? Tommy Woodward. Musical Express. New CD: Praise & Blame. Time is my enemy.

Opinion by Rita Braver on Betty Ford. Betty Ford was funny and down to earth. Fords: neighbors down the street. Braver: mostly I remember her grace. A fine first lady and a great dame.

Bill Geist on "to the point." Dave Adamovitch, throwdini. See previous IPBiz post:
CBS Sunday Morning on October 31, 2010

Next week on Sunday Morning: animal attraction.

Moment of nature (spiriva): eastern Ohio. Pina Toomey (?) reservoir. [IPBiz guesses this was about Lake Pina in Columbiana County, Ohio. ] Lisbon is the county seat of Columbiana County, and has Civil War significance. From wikipedia: Lisbon has the distinction of being the northernmost western town involving military actions during the American Civil War. Confederate cavalry officer John Hunt Morgan surrendered to Union forces near here at the end of his raid into Indiana and Ohio. [Notice the qualification about northernmost WESTERN town.] Wikipedia also notes: The St. Albans Raid was the northernmost land action of the American Civil War, taking place in St. Albans, Vermont on October 19, 1864. And note the coincidence: Bennett H. Young led Confederate States Army forces in the St. Alban's Raid. Young had become a prisoner of war after the Battle of Salineville in Ohio ended Morgan's Raid the year before.


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CBS Sunday Morning still padding broadcasts with recycled items. Feature on Vienna Vegetable Orchestra originally broadcast 11/21/10; Tom Jones segment is a rerun from 10/17/10; story about knife-throwing minister originally ran on 10/31/10.

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