Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reuters suggests Senate vote on patent reform coming soon

A Reuters article by Diane Bartz and Thomas Ferraro titled Senate to vote on patent reform after break suggests Majority Leader Reid plans to bring the Senate patent reform bill to the Senate floor after lawmakers return from a week-long recess set to start on Friday, February 18.

The authors featured the following aspects of the bill:

The bill would give judges a major role in determining how important a particular patent is to a product, so that infringing minor patents would not lead to huge damages.

The bill also would give a patent to the first inventor to file, rather than the first to invent, making the patent application process easier for companies who apply for patents in multiple countries.

Bartz and Ferraro write: Other provisions in this year's 99-page bill aim to prevent bad patents from being issued by allowing third parties to provide information on why an application should be rejected. Guess they are unaware of Rule 99.

Bartz and Ferraro make no mention of fee diversion.


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