Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dunkin' Donuts currently running "Patent Office" ad

Dunkin' Donuts is currently running an ad featuring a sign in the background saying "Patent Office" and a tag line about re-inventing the chocolate donut.

Note the clock is about 3:17 and the patent office guy behind the counter (who is short and nerdlike) is eating a donut. After taking a bite, the patent office guy stamps a piece of paper, implying a patent on the "chocolate donut (re)invention" has been granted. The sign in the background does say merely "Patent Office," as distinct from "United States Patent and Trademark Office."
In the "real world," there are over 700,000 patent applications that have not been examined. Maybe applicants should attach donuts to them.

The video clip is not nearly as vicious as a previous image on Fark. See

Fark on patent examiners at the patent office

-->One IPBiz reader, after viewing the Fark photo of the patent examiner, asked: can I patent porn donuts??? <--

On doughnuts and the patent office, see also

Demise of the (anti-)Doughnut campaign: a parable of patent reform?

Lerner says patent reform is "cold war"; IPBiz says "doughnuts!"


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