Sunday, September 12, 2010

On not recognizing creativity

From PCWorld:

Many college students don't view the construction of research papers from copied and pasted Wikipedia entries as an act of plagiarism. Sometimes I wonder if young people even know what creativity is.

Article: As Google Gets Smarter, are We Getting Dumber?

Oddly, students are somewhat creative in the ways they cheat. From an article in the Toronto Star titled Student cheaters have plenty of tricks up their sleeves

Dramatic displays of dishonesty are on the rise at the U of T [University of Toronto] , where the highest academic court – which hears only the most severe cases – received 38 new complaints in 2008-9, up from 21 the year before. The surge may partly reflect a larger trend cited recently in the report “Liars, Fraudsters and Cheats” by the Canadian Council on Learning, which found nearly three in four students in this country say they have cheated at least once, thanks to the cut-and-paste wizardry of the web and the trend to file-sharing almost everything.


“If they’d just invest the time doing the work and studying that they do on all these other tactics, they’d be fine,” said Gaspini. She met this fall for the first time with international students to talk about the perils of plagiarism, warning against such popular tricks as using a Morse code-style system of pen clicks to share answers on a multiple-choice test.


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