Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Dead Sea Scroll Sock Puppeting" case goes to CRIMINAL trial

IPBiz laid out the basics of this odd case in the earlier post
Plagiarism, sock-puppeting and the Dead Sea Scrolls

The AP now reports:

[A]ttorney, Raphael Golb, went on trial Tuesday [14 Sept. 2010] on criminal charges of online impersonation and harassment for the sheer sake of coloring opinion. The case is a rarity: While impersonation claims have generated civil lawsuits, prosecutions are few unless phony identities are used to steal money, experts say.

There is a University of Chicago connection here. From the AP story:

Many scholars say the [Dead Sea] scrolls were assembled by a sect known as the Essenes. Others — including University of Chicago professor Norman Golb, Raphael Golb's father — say the writings were the work of a range of Jewish groups and communities.

Schiffman told a Manhattan jury Tuesday that he and Norman Golb have long disagreed, albeit cordially, about the issue.

In the present legal matter, Raphael Golb is accused of creating blog posts [ written under various names ] and e-mails [seemingly (but not actually) originating from Schiffman] to tarnish Schiffman.

This is a case out of a University of Chicago playbook: Testimony on September 14 included topics as Roman Pliny the Elder and the ancient Jewish desert fortress of Masada.

And, yes, the Chicago Maroon discussed the matter in Dead Sea Scrolls Scandal


Blogger David said...

The most serious issue in the case was not discussed. As then Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science testified yesterday in court, Dr. Raphael Golb is accused of sending NYU's provost (chief academic officer) and others a "confession" of plagiarism purportedly written by Prof. Schiffman, and also emails from third parties, alleged to be using fraudulent email addresses demanding an investigation. The charges related to the alleged identity theft are the most serious.
Contrary to what others would like to allege, this is in no way a "freedom of speech" issue and a review of court documents plainly discloses.

7:04 AM  

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