Sunday, July 04, 2010

CBS "Sunday Morning" on July 4, 2010

The cover story on CBS Sunday Morning (234th anniversary of July 4, 1776) was on "striking the right note", about sending musicians to other countries to convey American values. The 2nd advertised story related to Norman Rockwell. The third story related to Norman Lear. Bill Geist did "eating it up."

The top headline was Biden in Iraq, second David Petraus (in this to win), third seizing a drug submarine, fourth day 76 of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Tracy Smith started U.S. Diplomacy: Hitting the Right Notes by talking to Wynton Marsalis. "Just Americans performing American songs." The program started in the 1950's when the State Department sent musicians to hot spots overseas. Rhythm is an international language (Dave Brubeck, who is now 89). More recently, Chen Lo (hip hop) was sponsored by the State Dept. to go to Syria. Smith noted: it sounds a little kumbayah. Hillary Clinton: hip hop as a chess piece.

The almanac did July 4's, starting with 1776, noting Charles Kuralt speaking the words of the declaration. Monroe died July 4, 1831, and Calvin Coolidge was born on a July 4. Kuralt died on July 4, 1997.

Next, Sunday Morning recycled a story on Bob Kramer, master knifesmith, from November 22, 2009.

The story on Norman Lear was recycled from June 7, 2009.

There was a story on Braddock, PA with its 6 foot 8 inch mayor (John Fetterman, with Braddock's zip code 15104 tatoo'd on his arm). Sunday Morning noted Levi Strauss is launching an ad campaign on July 4, 2010 featuring Braddock citizens.
In passing, Andrew Carnegie's original steel mill was in Braddock.

Fourth of July fireworks. In 1777, first fireworks display. This year, more than 14,000 displays. July 4, 1934 celebration in Antarctica.

There was an IP theme in the Rockwell piece, wherein Lucas and Spielberg acknowledged deriving certain of their scenes from Rockwell.

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