Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Plagiarism charge against Jimmy Carter??/ UWisconsin editor fired for plagiarism

AP reports that Kenneth Stein wrote that Jimmy Carter's book, "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid," was replete with factual errors, material copied from other sources and "simply invented segments," according to an excerpt of a letter published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

AP also noted:

Deanna Congileo, Carter's spokeswoman, said the former president stands by the book.

Douglas Brinkley said he has read Carter's new book but would not address Stein's accusations.

In a separate incident, AP reports Editor-in-Chief Taylor Hughes says the Badger-Herald of the University of Wisconsin fired its state editor November 30th and will be running an apology tomorrow for his actions. Hughes won't identify the state editor or give his year in school.

He says the state editor took excerpts of stories from The Associated Press, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Wisconsin State Journal, a Madison daily, and used them in his own stories without attribution.

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The following is an excerpt from Hughes' editorial, which does in fact identify the editor:

The Badger Herald news staff discovered last Wednesday, Nov. 29, that our state editor had plagiarized a significant portion of his published work. We offer our sincerest apologies to our readers and to the University of Wisconsin community.

Dan Powell was immediately suspended and his employment was formally terminated the following morning. A thorough investigation of his published work began upon discovery of the first incident and has revealed further examples of misconduct.

The offenses spanned several months this semester and included misappropriating information, wording and quotes from a variety of publications without attribution. At times, entire sentences or paragraphs were copied word-for-word. The offended publications include The Associated Press, the Wisconsin State Journal and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, all of which have been notified.

As of press time, 12 articles have been identified and removed from The Badger Herald website, and the investigation will continue until we have thoroughly examined the breadth of his work. We believe we caught the most offensive example before it went to print last Wednesday.

While we have no tolerance for plagiarism and dealt with this matter swiftly, it was our hope to protect Mr. Powell’s identity in this formal apology. However, with at least one other media outlet electing to identify him, it has become evident that we can no longer attempt to shelter him from future implications of his wrongdoing.

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