Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Heinze on IP blogging

from IP Updates: Heinze figures the blog has helped him attract 20 or 30 new clients over the last two years. Still, it hasn't done as much for his client base as he expected —- and it's cost him billable hours.

As much time as it consumes, "I don't know how much longer I will be able to keep it up," he says.

IP-updates has some good traffic numbers (benefitting from a listing on the legal blogs at and it would be sad if Heinze stopped posting.

Meanwhile, there seem to be some real changes in Google indexing, of relevance to blogs such as IPBiz which rely on Google search results for traffic. Apart from vanishing indexing for IPBiz posts on various cases on obviousness [see elsewhere on IPBiz], IPBiz notes that references to the "Vai's View" post on Rutgers football have simply vanished from Google.

IPBiz had noted:

Of IPBiz post 1897 on Vai Sikahema on Rutgers, one notes that although the Channel 10 Website mentions Sikahema's critical "Vai's View" piece of August 24 ["Rutgers is Wrong"], there is no text from Vai within the webpage.

Now, Google cannot be used to find anything about the "Vai's View" piece at all.


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