Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Patent woes problem for BMS CEO Dolan?

Less than one month ago, the Newark Star-Ledger praised BMS CEO Dolan.

On September 5, 2006, the AP began a story: Some on Wall Street are betting Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. Chief Executive Peter Dolan will soon be out of a job.

Part of the problem is that the reality of what happened with PLAVIX is sinking in.

The AP report also stated:

While the company won a court ruling last week cutting off sales of a generic version of Plavix, the company's best selling drug, earlier missteps in the negotiations triggered a sharp decline in its earnings forecast. Coming on top of an accounting scandal that cost the company $800 million, and the perception that he overpaid for two pharmaceutical investments, Dolan's survival could hang in the balance at a board meeting next week.

If the PLAVIX case goes to a final decision, there may be some insight on the future of the "chiral switch."


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