Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Simpson/FTCR file re-exam request on 3 WARF patents

FTCR and PUBPAT filed challenges against three patents previously granted to WARF:

* One patent on all primate embryonic stem cells, including humans, issued in 1998 (US Patent 5,843,780)
Read the FTCR & PUBPAT challenge at: http://www.ConsumerWatchdog.org/resources/780Request.pdf

* A second, specifically on human cells, granted in 2001 (US Patent 6,200,806). Read the FTCR & PUBPAT challenge at: http://www.ConsumerWatchdog.org/resources/806Request.pdf

* And a third on human cells issued in April of 2006 (US 7,029,913). Read the FTCR & PUBPAT challenge at: http://www.ConsumerWatchdog.org/resources/913Request.pdf

Jeanne Loring filed declarations. “These patents should have never been issued in the first place,” said Dr. Loring of the Burnham Institute for Medical Research. "The real invention was made 25 years ago, when embryonic stem cells were first discovered – and the scientists who discovered them didn't expect a payoff. James Thomson just followed a recipe written by other scientists, and there's nothing patentable about that."


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