Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hwang and six others stripped of science medals

Hwang Woo-Suk, Seoul National University professors Lee Byeong-chun, Kang Sung-keun, Moon Shin-yong and An Cu-rie, and MizMedi Hospital chief Roh Sung-il have been stripped of science medals by the Korean cabinet.

One recalls the article by Claudia Dreifus, "2 Friends, 242 Eggs and a Breakthrough, A CONVERSATION WITH/Woo Suk Hwang and Shin Yong Moon," New York Times, F1 (February 17, 2004) wherein Dreifus quotes Moon: "Korea is a country where respect for the professorship is a little bit different than in the West. Professor Hwang takes the honor, not the money."

Of patents, Claudia Dreifus quoted Hwang: "We have applied for a worldwide P.C.T. [Patent Cooperation Treaty] patent for the technique we developed and also the cloned human embryo stem cells. Sixty percent of the patent will be owned by the university. The remaining 40 percent will go to the other collaborators. Dr. Moon and I will not be participating because we are professors."

Truly all the news that is fit to print.


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