Monday, July 17, 2006

CentreDaily on embryonic stem cell debate

CentreDaily says:

In five summers, the world has changed. Many signs suggest that the various "sides" have been listening to one another. The lying, tragic career of Korean scientist Hwang Woo-Suk, which all but destroyed South Korea's stem-cell program, has prompted second thoughts among many supporters of embryonic stem-cell research. Meanwhile, some polls of Republican voters show that almost two-thirds support such research - acknowledging that the possible therapeutic benefits may be worth the ethical risks. Bush may be out of step with his own party.

IPBiz: Second thoughts? I don't really think so. The Hwang saga shows that the embryonic stem cell technology of SCNT is waiting for stem cell lines to be made from (cloned) blastocysts. The research at UCSF is going to make the cloned blastocysts, and move on from there. What second thoughts?


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