Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pooley on the Gurry matter at WIPO

From Fox News:

“It's past time for all this craziness to stop,” declared James Pooley, a U.S. patent attorney and former top WIPO official who launched a formal complaint against Gurry last year, which led to the WIPO director general’s investigation.

“WIPO is an agency owned by the Member States who created it,” Pooley added in a statement to Fox News. “They are Mr. Gurry's employer, entitled to know the facts of his behavior so that they can make an informed decision about what to do. For the sake of the witnesses, of the decent and dedicated WIPO staff, and of WIPO's integrity as an institution, the Member States need to act now to regain control.”

The fact is, however, that Gurry’s ability to surprise, outmaneuver and stonewall WIPO’s supposed nation-state owners over the past several years has provided numerous examples of the profound lack of control exercised by countries over supposedly subordinate U.N. institutions—and the ability of U.N. bureaucrats to make up their own rules and methods of behavior.



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