Sunday, May 22, 2016

UChicago chem grad student expelled for ghost writing

The University of Chicago Maroon discusses a report mentioning an ethical issue with a chemistry grad student who was ghost writing:

The report only included one expulsion, which was given to a Chemistry doctoral student who was found to have sold “ghostwriting services and academic work, supposedly done by current students in the University” to parties unaffiliated with the University.

There was also an issue with a law student:

Two of the four cases involved a student in the Law School who was issued a No-Contact Directive, mandatory counselling, and restrictions on course and event registration, after being found responsible for dating violence against another student. The same individual was later suspended for one quarter after failing to follow the directive.


An April 15 Maroon article noted:

After decades of absence from the University of Chicago and a period commuting to classes at other universities, the University of Chicago’s Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is reestablishing itself on campus.


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