Tuesday, February 10, 2015

After negotiations fail, IBM sues Priceline and Kayak

A Boomberg post is titled:


IBM Sues Priceline, Kayak Over Royalties for Late ’90s Patents


PCWorld discussed specific patents at issue:

In attempts to develop the Prodigy online service, launched by IBM with partners in the 1980s, the inventors of U.S. patents 5,796,967 and 7,072,849developed new methods for presenting applications and advertisements in an interactive service that would take advantage of the computing power of each user’s PC and reduce demand on host servers, such as those used by Prodigy, IBM said in its filing.
U.S. patent no. 5,961,601 was developed as part of IBM’s bid to find a better way of preserving state information in Internet communications, such as between an online merchant and a customer, according to IBM.



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